[PARPORT] fingerprint reader

From: parport@oemprince.net
Date: Thu Nov 07 2002 - 13:08:39 EST

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    I just buyed a COMPAQ DFR-200 fingerprint reader and realized their was no
    support for this kind of device on Linux.
    I am willing to write a device driver, but I have absolutely no information
    about the device, and the corp. that has the information want to keep it
    I read the archive of all posts about reverse engineering on this mailing list
    and I can't seem to find where to begin.. any suggestions?
    There was a couple of posts that did mention to begin with
    http://hpoj.bstc.net, but the site is down at this time.
    Maybe someone already started to study the protocol used by the device (or
    some other fingerprint reader), and would be kind enough to share the
    information he has with me?

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