[PARPORT] re: HP printer and 2595xDVD

From: Thomas Bodine (bo_dance@yahoo.com)
Date: Sat Nov 09 2002 - 10:49:01 EST

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    No one seems to know how to fix this so I'll continue

    My Problem:
    I have a toshiba 2595xDVD laptop and a HP 712C
    printer. The printer
    doesn't print when
            1. I use the lprngtool print test page option
            2. I run the command printf "123456789\n\f" >
    I have discovered
    1. The documentation I can find doesn't deal with my
    2. I added debugging code to the lp.c and parport_pc.c
     I found that the printf command calls lp_open,
    lp_ioctl, lp_write_buf.
     Then lp_write_buf writes 10 characters then writes
    one character.
     Next lp_yield is called.
    3. I bought a Pan Pacific RS232 breakout box
    The Led's light this way when quiescent and printing
          Linux Windows-XP
      Quiescent Running Quiescent Running
     After Printing
    pin Flashing flashing
    2 off green 2 off off/green
    3 off green/red 3 off off/green
    4 RED green 4 off off/green
    5 RED green/red 5 off off/green
    6 off green 6 off off/green
    8 off green 8 off off/green
    15 RED red 15 off RED
    17 off green 17 GREEN off/green
    20 off green 20 GREEN off/green
    24 off green 24 GREEN off/green

    linux command: while true ; do cat
    /usr/share/lprngtool/tespage.asc > /dev/lp0 ; done
    windowsXP: printer Properties dialog "Print Test Page"

    4. I sent this note to casey@umit.main.edu

    Did you ever get your deskjet working with debian.

    I am having the same problems you mentioned in
    Message-ID: <39E91951.D7319B61@umit.maine.edu>

    I connected a break out box to the system and I see
    data flying when I
    send print jobs to the printer, but no printing takes

    The printer works just fine under Mandrake, and
    windows XP.

    Did you solve it or do something else?

    If you are reading this and have any ideas, let me know.

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