[PARPORT] re: HP printer and 2595xDVD

From: Thomas Bodine (bo_dance@yahoo.com)
Date: Sun Nov 10 2002 - 12:17:34 EST

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    Charles and anyone else reading:

    I got the break-out box since that was what I could
    find at Frys, my
    local big box computer and electronics store. I am
    poor and in a
    hurry so I didn't buy all the necessary test equipment
    to fully debug
    this thing I just wanted lights to show me what is
    happening on the
    parallel port. The port acts differently for windows
    vs debian-linux.

    Charles says that some printers will not print
    straight ASCII. This
    may be true, but my experience has demostrated to me
    that if you send
    ASCII terminated by a form feed to an HP Deskjet it
    will print. In my case
    the linux system is sending but the printer isn't
    listening. Probably
    because some control line (like strobe) isn't behaving

    The problem that I see by searching the internet is
    that I seem to be
    alone in this. There are probably plenty of people
    printing using
    their HP deskjets, laptops, and debian linux.

    So I assume that some how my configuration is at
    fault. Whenever I
    read a document about printing it always starts with
    make sure that
    "echo hi > /dev/lp0" works. Well that doesn't work.

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