Re: [PARPORT] re: HP printer and 2595xDVD

From: Thomas Bodine (
Date: Mon Nov 11 2002 - 11:30:45 EST

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    --- "C. J. Martoff" <>
    Thanks CJ, but I think its reaching /dev/lp0

    I'm going on a different plan now. Since Knoppix is
    2.4.19 and this nonworking thing is 2.2.19 I've
    downloaded the newest stable kernel 2.4.19.

    I'm going to make a small kernel that will do what I
    need and then add stuff since at boot up I see lots of
    errors for things not found or not working.

    the Plan:
    1. make a minimal kernel that supports X, extfs,
    2. add in the lucent modem support
    3. add in the printer
    4. add in sound
    5. Write up the results and post to my web site

    Thanks for everybodies help

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