[PARPORT] Segfault using ieee1284_find_ports

From: Antilope (antilope@adinet.com.uy)
Date: Fri Nov 15 2002 - 03:40:44 EST

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    I write this simple test program,

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <ieee1284.h>

    main (int argc, char **argv)
      int a;
      struct parport_list *list;

      a = ieee1284_find_ports(list, 0);


    but it segfaults without explanation for me.

    May be the code is wrong, but I don't think so.
    How can I send you more debug info?

    "export LIBIEEE1284_DEBUG=3" doesn't print any info.

    I compile with:
    cc -g -o partest partest.c -lieee1284

    runnig "ddd partest" i can trace step by step, and the segfaults its in ieee1284_find_ports call, but i cannot determine why?

    So, help and thanks.
    Daniel Graņa.-

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