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From: Chris Shaw (chriss@watertech.com)
Date: Wed Dec 04 2002 - 13:39:10 EST

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    Ahh I should have been more clear. I am simply trying to print on an old old Panasonic KX-P4410. I am trying to set up a low-cost print server (among other things) with a spare box I have.

    I have set everything up and when I try to print I get nothing. I have tried connecting the printer to a WIN2K machine and it works just fine (With the same cable even).

     I have also tried shutting down lpd and doing:

    # echo hello this is a test > /dev/lp0

    with the result of the console just sitting there until I do a CTRL+C to kill the command.

    Figuring it must be user error, I tried my configuration on another machine that I know works and it printed just fine... :(

    I have tried changing the mode (in BIOS) from ECP, ECP+EPP, SPP and NORMAL (Slow No Bi-Di), Switching from 0x378,5 to 0x278, 0x3BC, etc... nothing...

    As stated before the IO/IRQ/DMA are always correctly identified and it seems as though things are set up properly but any attempt to send data through the paralell port results in hanging forever until it is interrupted.

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