Re: [PARPORT] HP CD-R+ 7200e, trouble with bad writes and lockups

From: Glyn Kennington (
Date: Mon Dec 09 2002 - 13:31:28 EST

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    > Well, I've managed to successfully burn a music (cdda) cd by manually
    > typing in a toc-file and using cdrdao from the commandline. I'm getting
    > the feeling that most of the error messages I'm getting when I try using
    > GUI burning apps is because they are passing the wrong parameters to the
    > commandline tools.

    In that case, go straight to using mkisofs | cdrecord. They're not /that/
    difficult to work with. I've never even tried using a GUI burning tool,
    because burning uses so much of my CPU that X would stop responding.

    > Anyway, you need to load paride, epat, and pg, in that order. As far as
    > burning software, I've tried KOnCD and XCDRoast for burning a cdda (both
    > gave me errors, that's why I used CLI cdrdao), KOnCD let me burn an ISO
    > but it had gaps in it and was useless. I will experiment with another
    > ISO soon and let you know. When I have time I'm going to try hacking at
    > KOnCD and see if I can get it to pass the right options and work with
    > the 7200.

    Other things to try include: always run cdrecord as root, as it sets up
    extra scheduling priorities; use cdrecord's `dummy' option; invest in a
    CD-RW disc to practise on until you have the hang of things.


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