Re: [PARPORT] Reading from pin - help.

From: Pawel Stochlinski (
Date: Thu Dec 19 2002 - 19:07:33 EST

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    Yeah that's right, here is the piece of code:


    When i connect a sensor, the output of above operation is:
    67 (i dont remember it right now).
    When i discconect, the output is 127.

    Ok, this doesn't tell me much - just - that something is

    But, as you wrote:
    " and looking at bit 6 which "

    What do you mean by saying: looking at bit 6 ?
    And how do i read a data if sensor is sending me a temperature?(easies
    saing, a data looking like: a, b , c, d, e -> how do i read that?)

    Big thanks.

    --- Blaise Gassend:
    So here is my understanding:

    * you want to connect some sensor that outputs 0V or 5V to pin 10 of
    your parallel port so that software can tell the state of the sensor.

    * currently, you are doing inb(STATUS) and looking at bit 6 which
    corresponds to pin 10. That bit should be 0 when your sensor is at 5V
    and 1 when the sensor is at 0V.

    In theory this works (and I have done it many times), what part isn't
    worknig for you. In particular, what do you mean by the "numerical status
    of a pin", and do you mean something more than what I have described by
    data from that pin"?

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