[PARPORT] Simple C prog needed

From: Calle Be (callebe.geo@yahoo.com)
Date: Sun Jan 05 2003 - 05:43:11 EST

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    I'm using floppyfw as a firewall (it's a linux firewall-on-a-disk) and want it
    to send some data to the parallel port via a shell script for me. As this
    firewall only fits on a floppy disc I don't have enough room for gcc, and I
    don't have linux on any other computer, I wonder if it would be possible to get
    some program compiled for me. I have searched the internet for a way to control
    the parallel port directly in a shell script and only found one entry (which
    I'm not sure even works: "echo -n 1 > /dev/par1b"). Insteda I've found lot's
    of gcc ways to control it, but these are not what I want.

    So, does anyone have a executable, small program that takes one int argument
    and sends that number to the parallel port? Or could anyone compile one for me?
    If possible, I'd like a possibility to strobe the port if it's not too much

    Thanx a lot,
        Calle Be

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