[PARPORT] SmartMedia reader on parport

From: Ron Lange (ron@ron-lange.de)
Date: Sat Feb 22 2003 - 09:49:38 EST

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    I have just bought a SmartMedia card reader for the parport, since I
    want to fetch Images of my digicam also into my Toshiba Satellite 210.
    This piece is labeled by Hama (Germany) and I don't know if any
    'originals' exists. The only thing I surely can say is that the reader
    is based on a Shuttle EP1284 chip. I was really happy about that fact
    'cause I knew about the epat.o driver. I tested the reader in my vmware
    win98 box, and all is fine.

    But now (what a surprise in topics of windows designed hardware ;-) I
    can't get it working on my linux box(Desktop and Notebook both running a
    2.4.18 kernel, one SuSE, one Debian Woody).

    Here some dmesg...
    paride: version 1.06 installed (parport)
    paride: epat registered as protocol 0
    pd: pd version 1.05, major 45, cluster 64, nice 0
    epat_init_protopda: Autoprobe failed
    pd: no valid drive found
    pf: pf version 1.04, major 47, cluster 64, nice 0
    epat_init_protopf0: Autoprobe failed
    pf: No ATAPI disk detected
    pg: pg version 1.02, major 97
    epat_init_protopg0: Autoprobe failed
    pg: No ATAPI device detected

    And some console input/output...

    zaphod:/home/ron # insmod pd
    Using /lib/modules/2.4.18-4GB/kernel/drivers/block/paride/pd.o
    /lib/modules/2.4.18-4GB/kernel/drivers/block/paride/pd.o: init_module:
    Operation not permitted
    Hint: insmod errors can be caused by incorrect module parameters,
    including invalid IO or IRQ parameters

    A valid SmartMedia is in the slot. I attempted in my running module
    setup, after (native) Windows boot and after unloading all parport
    concerning modules with following step-by-step insmod...nothing happen.
    Therefore I think it's a mystique protocol problem, or what ever.

    May be there is one out there, who have successfully get it(or similar)
    work. I would be deeply grateful...

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