[PARPORT] parport_pc .c in 2.5.x needs work!

From: Duncan Haldane (f.duncan.m.haldane@worldnet.att.net)
Date: Sat Feb 22 2003 - 20:57:22 EST

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    Hi linux-parport kernel developers! (If anyone is still active ...)

    parport_pc in 2.5.x kernels is developing problems through non-maintenance...
    (I'd fix them if I were competent, but ....)

    (1) in 2.5.62 parport.o and parport_pc.o can no longer be unloaded "due to
    unsafe usage in include/linux/modules.h: 463"
    (I don't know what to do to fix this, but
    this should be easy for someone knowledgable to fix). This is recent
    (since a few 2.5 kernels ago).

    (2) on my parports, ECP capability is no longer being recognized (it is in
    2.4.x, I never got it recognized by 2.5.x kernels) (I'll try to hack
    a bit to find out why; do others have this problem?)

    (3) broken/missing ECP read support.
    I've been working on IEEE1284 ECP read support for the cpia driver. I got
    ECP+DMA read support working in 2.4.x with a blend of code from parport_pc.c
    (parport_pc_ecp_read_block_pio() + parport_pc_fifo_write_block_dma()) to make
    something like a "parport_pc_ecp_read_block_dma()" that works with cpia.

    But any attempt to use parport_pc_ecp_read_block_pio() for non-DMA PIO ECP reads
    just crashes the system (seems like something to do with interrupts(?))

    I note that (two years ago) Fred Barnes left a note that it was broken.....
    #ifdef CONFIG_PARPORT_1284
    p->ops->ecp_write_data = parport_pc_ecp_write_block_pio;
    /* currently broken,but working on it.. (FB) */
    /* p->ops->ecp_read_data =parport_pc_ecp_read_block_pio; */

    Is there any chance that Linux can get completed ECP support for 2.6.x
    or is this stuff just too much of a legacy that no-one is interested in
    any more?

    Duncan Haldane

    E-Mail: Duncan Haldane <f.duncan.m.haldane@worldnet.att.net>
    Date: 22-Feb-2003
    Time: 20:21:30

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