[PARPORT] loading modules at boot time

From: John Sowden (jsowden@americansentry.net)
Date: Fri Mar 07 2003 - 20:17:16 EST

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    Now that I have my SparQ drive wirking, I'm getting greedy. I want to load
    the necessary modules at boot time, but am having a problem. Suse says, in
    the /etc/modules.conf file to unremark a coputle of lones that do post
    install insmide paride epat, and a remove routine at some point. when I
    attempt to mount, I get a not a block device error.
    I also get a 'notice' that /lib/.../.../.../____.dep file is nt as current as
    the modules.conf file (cuz I edited it.).

    I am not sure why this is not clearly laid out in doc. Linux documentation
    seems to get me about 85% to solving a problem.

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