Re: [PARPORT] loading modules at boot time

From: Stephen Mollett (
Date: Sat Mar 08 2003 - 07:55:17 EST

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    On Saturday 08 Mar 2003 01:17, John Sowden wrote:
    > Now that I have my SparQ drive wirking, I'm getting greedy. I want to load
    > the necessary modules at boot time, but am having a problem.

    Not exactly a direct answer to your question, but I have my SyQuest EZ230 set
    up so that the modules are autoloaded when I access the drive. That way, I
    don't have to have it turned on all the time.

    I've got the following in my /etc/modules.conf:

    alias block-major-45 syquest
    probeall syquest paride epat pd
    options pd drive0=0x378,,,5,,1,0

    The 'options' line just sets the port address and IRQ, and sets the port delay
    to 0 which speeds up the drive.

    You'll need to run 'depmod -ae' after modifying your modules.conf otherwise
    you'll get the message you reported about a file not being as current as



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