[PARPORT] Using parport with c++

From: Les Ferguson (lhf@xtra.co.nz)
Date: Thu Mar 13 2003 - 07:14:58 EST

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    Hi, im in the process of teaching myself c++, and have a parallel port
    interface device I want to control via a c++ class. I need to be able to set
    & read data values, and toggle some clock pins on the interface device etc.

    Is parport ok to use in this way, and are there any special tricks I need to
    do? Can anybody recommend good example code for simple low-level i/o with
    parport in c++ ? In user mode ?

    >Interface device is a DSE kitset board, k2805, for switcing analog & digital
    input & output voltages on a bunch of pins.
    >I prefer not to do direct port address access, and don't want my interface
    driver running as root.
    >Current target is a qt user interface, which will monitor control the k2805
    unit. I want to produce a user-mode mini-driver layer in a seperate class
    for this to interact with.

    Les Ferguson

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