Re: [PARPORT] Backpack CD-RW help

From: Al Crowley (
Date: Thu Mar 13 2003 - 17:00:47 EST

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    A few standard questions for you:

    1. Which distro and kernel are you using?

    2. Does this Backpack work elsewhere (either Linux or Windows)?

    3. What is the make, model, and speed of this computer?

    4. Make sure you are using the 30" cable that came with the Backpack
    and that is is directly connected to the parallel port.

    A few things to try:

    1. Reboot and make sure you are at the console.

    2. Run modprobe bpck6 <enter> then modprobe pcd <enter>

    3. What is all the output from the above? Normal output would
    be something similar to the following:

            "paride: version 1.04 installed
             BACKPACK Protocol Driver V1.0.0
             Copyright 1999 by Micro Solutions, Inc., DeKalb IL.
             paride: backpack registered as protocol 0
             pcd: pcd version 1.07, major 46, nice 0
             backpack: LPT 0378, Mfg SMC[7]
             backpack: ID 21, Tx EPP (Dword)
             pcd0: Sharing parport0 at 0x378
             pcd0: Master: CD-532E"

    How much are you actually getting?

    At 03:59 PM 3/13/2003 -0500, Michael Graffam wrote:
    >Hello all..
    >I'm having trouble getting my Backpack CD-RW drive working under Linux.
    >The model number is 185100, and it says "Series 6 Driver" .. so, of
    >course, I'm using bpck6. My parport is in EPP mode at 0x378.
    >When I modprobe pg verbose=1 I get:
    >pg: pg version 1.02, major 97
    >pg0: 0x378 is parport0
    >and it never gets any further than that.
    >So, hoping to take a baby-step, I rebooted and tried the pcd driver, and I
    >get essentially the same thing
    >pcd: pcd version 1.07, major 46, nice 0
    >pcd0: 0x378 is parport0
    >and then it stalls..
    >Can anyone give me a clue?
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    Thank You,

    Al Crowley, Technical Support Assistant Manager
    Micro Solutions

    fax: 815.756.4986
    tech phone: 815.754.4500 (M-F 8-5 CT)

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