Re: [PARPORT] Backpack CD-RW help

From: Michael Graffam (
Date: Fri Mar 14 2003 - 13:03:54 EST

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    On Fri, 14 Mar 2003, Al Crowley wrote:

    > Haven't seen any problems in regards to the lp device. My first
    > suggestion, since we kmow the Backpack works elsewhere, is to slow
    > down the data transfer rate. This is done by changing the PPT Mode
    > in the Bios from EPP to something like Standard, SPP, or Bidirectional.
    > Anything but ECP. I would highly recommend powering off the Backpack,
    > then back on so that it resets as well.

    Yeah, the lp device made no difference, but I did get it working this
    morning: the problem was that lpd was running. I hadn't even known it was
    installed, much less running -- but this is a fresh Debian install and I
    haven't poked around much yet.

    On a somewhat related note, this model came with a PCMCIA card. When I
    first popped it in and ran 'cardctl ident' it claimed to be a parallel
    port card, but parport_cs.o doesn't seem to like it.. it complains about
    not being able to grab an IRQ (it wants 11, which is free -- but
    normally used for video; and neofb.o does complain about not being able
    to identify an IRQ for this chipset.. so maybe this is a hardware issue
    on this laptop).

    Is this card known to be incompatible with the Linux pcmcia drivers? I'm
    going to test out a few other PCMCIA cards that I have and force them to
    use IRQ 11 to see if it is an IRQ problem on my machine or not.

    In the former case, would it be possible to get documentation on this
    card? I'd be willing to add the appropriate support to parport_cs.

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