[PARPORT] Paraller port in ECP mode (fwd)

From: Damian Parus (halley@hybride.pl)
Date: Fri Mar 28 2003 - 02:51:24 EST

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    I must write program which send data to paraller port via DMA. I switch in
    bios paraller port mode to ECP, but how i must send data to port? I know
    that i must use set_dma_addr(), enable_dma() etc functions, but, for
    example, which dma channel I must use? Wihich address must be in
    set_dma_addr()? And finally, wihich function I must use to write to port
    :)? Only write to memory? Maybe someone have source of program for

    Sorry for my english, is not very well, but I'm from Poland and... I know,
    I know, I should learn :(

    Thanks for help,
    Damian Parus

    PS. Sorry for my second email (possibly) but I'm not sure that I Was send
    that previous time... Sorry.

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