Re: [PARPORT] continuous parport activity??

From: Meles MELES (
Date: Sun Apr 13 2003 - 12:08:02 EDT

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    Le Dimanche 13 Avril 2003 14:42, Robert Davidson a écrit :

    > With mine (ECS K7S5A) I find my D0-D7 seem to be almost perminantly
    > set like so under Linux (Debian Sid (unstable), Kernel 2.4.20) every
    > time I boot:

    D0 = High but sometimes switches OFF
    D1 = Low but sometimes switches ON (twice per second)
    D2 = Low same thing
    D3 = High but sometimes switches OFF

    > D4 = High
    > D5 = Low
    > D6 = Low
    > D7 = High

    > I've not checked that under DOS yet. I also have my port set to SPP
    > mode in the BIOS.

    Same thing in EPP or ECP mode.

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