Re: [PARPORT] continuous parport activity??

From: Robert Davidson (
Date: Sun Apr 13 2003 - 08:42:55 EDT

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    Meles MELES wrote:
    > In fact, I posted because, when I start my computer with windows, all
    > the leds from D0-D7 stay turned off and it is'nt the case when booting
    > with linux. As I want to drive some stepper motors with the it, I'm
    > afraid that this activity on my printer port would make them go crazy.

    With mine (ECS K7S5A) I find my D0-D7 seem to be almost perminantly set
    like so under Linux (Debian Sid (unstable), Kernel 2.4.20) every time I

    D0 = High
    D1 = Low
    D2 = Low
    D3 = High
    D4 = High
    D5 = Low
    D6 = Low
    D7 = High

    I've not checked that under DOS yet. I also have my port set to SPP
    mode in the BIOS.

    Robert Davidson.
    IRC: puttputt, AustNet, #mlug

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