[PARPORT] question at all

From: Ron Lange (ron@ron-lange.de)
Date: Sun Apr 13 2003 - 16:56:03 EDT

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    since I don't get any answer I make a further attempt...

    I am looking for anybody, who has following hard and software
    constellation running:

    kernel 2.4.18,
    parport in spp/epp/ecp mode (either),
    via kt133(A/E) chipset OR toshiba satellite 210cs-sysboard (intel
    chipset I think),
    any shuttle epat1284 device.

    I can't get it work. It completely doesn't matters in which mode my
    parport is set via bios. It is completely equal whether the parport_pc
    is initialized as SPP, ECP or whatever...

    I'll be happy about help ;-)

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