Re: [PARPORT] port doesn't hold states

From: filip (
Date: Tue Apr 15 2003 - 15:01:40 EDT

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    I got this answer from linux.kernel list:

    >Alexandru Damian <> wrote in message
    > It's normal, since the parallel -port specification clearly states that
    > the port doesn't maintain
    > the pins voltage more than a minimum mandatory delay, and while setting,
    > the
    > state is undefined.

    >>It is strange because everything works corect on my old PC (Pentium160).
    >That was broken hardware, it didn't meet the specifications :))

    I can uderstand that I wand to use parallel port not as described in the
    specifications. But maybe there are some setings or parametrs in the Linux
    kernel (or parport module) that I can manipulate?
    There should be something, why it works (in the way I expect) on
    my ECS K7S5AL board on others O.S (FreeBSD or WinXP) and
    on others boards (also under Linux), but doesn't want with only
    this ECS K7S5AL and Linux?

    I need to control a very simple device,
    so I don't want to put there much electronics which will
    work which "edge triggered" logic.


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