[PARPORT] figuring out an ECP port problem

From: Bret Comstock Waldow (bwaldow@alum.mit.edu)
Date: Wed Apr 30 2003 - 21:26:03 EDT

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    The background is I'm trying to get parallel port access using VMware on
    a Red Hat 9 linux system.

    The hardware is an IBM T21 laptop. It has a parallel port, recognized
    and working fine in Windows.

    VMware wants an ECP port to allow two-way communication between programs
    running in the VMware session and the outside world. There is an option
    in the BIOS to set the port to ECP Mode.

    After booting into Linux, I can do this:

    [bret@ganesha learning]$ cat /proc/sys/dev/parport/parport0/base-addr
    888 1912
    [bret@ganesha learning]$ cat /proc/sys/dev/parport/parport0/irq
    [bret@ganesha learning]$ cat /proc/sys/dev/parport/parport0/dma
    [bret@ganesha learning]$ cat /proc/sys/dev/parport/parport0/modes

    The first three settings correspond to the settings in the BIOS. I'm
    not sure about the last.

    There are other settings for the port mode, with other responses:
    BIOS response

    Output Only PCSPP
    Bi-Directional PCSPP,TRISTATE

    Should the response for ECP be PCSPP,TRISTATE,ECP? It's not, and VMware
    reports on start-up that the parallel port doesn't support ECP mode and
    won't be used.

    Thanks in advance,

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