[PARPORT] problem with lpt port

From: stlouisembedded (stlouisembedded@yahoo.com)
Date: Sat May 10 2003 - 23:51:41 EDT

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    Can anyone give me a hint as what to use to test the
    parallel port in linux?

    I am using Debian 3.2 on a laptop. I have tested the
    port itself with a loopback device and a program
    called Microscope.(it tested good)

    I have an eeprom programmer that runs on a parallel
    port, it worked with another computer, but with the
    laptop(Debian) it says there is a communication error.

    Any tips for whay utilies to make sure that the lpt
    port has been detected, is running, ...anything?

    fwiw:kde control panel doesnt show the irq or i/o
    range for the lpt port (378, irq 7) as being in use.


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