[PARPORT] Asynchronous, bidirectional communication: collisions?

From: Jason Tiller (jtiller@sjm.com)
Date: Fri May 16 2003 - 15:54:13 EDT

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    Hi, All, :)

    I'm a very new subscriber who's researching using the EPP to provide a
    fast way for two computers to notify each other of asynchronous
    events. The data flowing between them will not be large, but events
    occur unpredictably and must be asynchronous (full-duplex). Events
    will need to generate interrupts on the target PC - no polling

    One box will be running RTAI; the other (currently) runs Windows NT
    with a RTOS HAL called RTX (VenturCom).

    I'm just now investigating the interconnect method between these two
    boxes, and I'm trying to determine if the full-duplex, non-polled
    configuration will be supported by the EPP. I'm mainly worried about
    collisions and potential race conditions.

    Can anybody point me to resources that could help me answer some of
    these questions? I couldn't find anything in an hour or so of
    googling that specifically dealt with this issue. Most projects and
    examples I found were more geared to half-duplex or commanded mode

    Thanks in advance,

    St. Jude Medical

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