[PARPORT] microtek e3 plus epp parallel scanner

From: jo ellen fisher (joellen@access4less.net)
Date: Sun Jun 01 2003 - 14:45:31 EDT

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       i'm a newbie and am trying to get a microtek e3plus parallel port
    scanner to run under redhat 9.0. i've rtfm for sane and ppscsi and some
    old pages on google. i woldn't say i understand them....
    i've looked in proc, dev, and mnt. i can't find what to hook the
    microtek2 backend to. scsi only shows the cd burner. the
    backend:device command, how do i find the device?

    as far as i can tell the modules necessary to have the scanner work are
    included in microtek2? so i don't have to patch the kernel with the
    ppscsi patch for 2.2 kernels (twaugh on redhat)?

    any help appreciated.
    jo ellen

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