Re: [PARPORT] Grabbing a parallel port

From: Nate Jenkins (
Date: Fri Jul 11 2003 - 15:41:47 EDT

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    Instead of modifying a driver, could you not write a program to load the
    module and imediately do the things you need and then unload the module?

    You could use ( [ parport + parport_pc ] + ppdev) or ( libieee1284 ) to do

    I load/unload module(s) in my program(s) in this manner.


    > Reserve the parallel port (I say "the" because I can guarantee
    > that there will only ever be one on these machines);

    > Set the state of the data lines; and

    > Release the parallel port.

    > The reservation must be done at driver load time, and the
    > release at driver unload time.

    > Could one of you nice people point me at a skeleton
    > parport-using driver that I can adapt to my needs?

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