[PARPORT] Where's the actual controls interpreted?

From: Anders Norrbring (anders@norrbring.biz)
Date: Thu Jul 17 2003 - 11:02:12 EDT

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    I've been searching and searching and followed every link I can find, but I
    have no luck..

    So, can somebody please tell me in which module the actual command
    interpreter sits? I mean, if I enter;
     'mt -f /dev/xx0 reten' it should send different commands to different types
    of tape drives. But in what module is the 'translation' made?

    Is it in parport, paride, epat or pt ? If I can find that out, perhaps I
    can fix the code myself, guided from the QIC standards documents.

    Anders Norrbring
    Norrbring Consulting

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