[PARPORT] How to set module parameters?

From: Anders Norrbring (anders@norrbring.biz)
Date: Fri Jul 18 2003 - 11:00:59 EDT

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    Hello there..

    I'm having trouble trying to set parameters to modules when loading, let me
    first quote a info site; http://gear.torque.net/parport/paride.html:

    "The pt driver for parallel port ATAPI tape drives is a minimal driver. It
    does not yet support many of the standard tape ioctl operations. For best
    performance, a block size of 32KB should be used. You will probably want to
    set the parallel port delay to 0, if you can."

    So, I really want this to happen, both the port delay and block size! But I
    can't find out how to do it, it seems like none of the involved modules take
    block size as a parameter, at least not when I checked according to this:

    berit:~ # modinfo paride
    description: <none>
    author: <none>
    license: "GPL"
    berit:~ # modinfo epat
    description: <none>
    author: <none>
    license: "GPL"
    berit:~ # modinfo pt
    filename: /lib/modules/2.4.20-4GB-athlon/kernel/drivers/block/paride/pt.o
    description: <none>
    author: <none>
    license: "GPL"
    parm: verbose int
    parm: major int
    parm: name string
    parm: drive0 int array (min = 1, max = 6)
    parm: drive1 int array (min = 1, max = 6)
    parm: drive2 int array (min = 1, max = 6)
    parm: drive3 int array (min = 1, max = 6)

    The array for the pt module is this (according to pt.c);

    I can't fins anything about how and where I can set the block size...

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