[PARPORT] Computer hangs when outb'ing to parport

From: Christian Reitwiessner (christian@reitwiessner.de)
Date: Tue Sep 30 2003 - 06:50:58 EDT

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    I'm trying to write a driver for three stepper motors attached to the
    parallel port for kernel 2.6. I have chosen the direct outb method
    inside of
    a kernel module, because I was not sure if there was a mode to have
    control over the parallel port in the parport module.

    But both in kernel and in user mode, the computer hangs after some
    output to the ports (I have unloaded all other parallel port drivers,
    BTW). I both use the data and the control port, but the computer hangs
    also when i just use the data port.

    I switched the parport mode in the BIOS from normal (don't know what
    that is) to spp. For normal mode, the computer simply hangs, and for spp, I
    get a kernel panic: "divide error: 0000" and the pc speaker generates a
    contiuous tone.

    Can someone help me?
    Perhaps it would be better to use the parport module, but i do not know
    how to get/if it is possible to get full control about all output and

    Best regards,
    Christian Reitwiessner
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