Re: [PARPORT] ripping CDs with parallel port CDRW?

From: Robert Heller (
Date: Sat Oct 04 2003 - 19:20:12 EDT

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      "John Miskinis" <>,
      In a message on Sat, 04 Oct 2003 18:00:47 -0400, wrote :

    "M> Hi Folks,
    "M> I'm not sure if ripping is possible, and would appreciate any success
    "M> stories, including version numbers of the tools you use.
    "M> I've been researching and experimenting with various tools for many
    "M> hours today, and when "dagrab" actually started reading by backpack
    "M> CDRW, I thought I was there, but it failed after several minutes, and an
    "M> estimate of 1 and a half hours for 1 song!
    "M> I am using Redhat 7.1, with kernel 2.4.9-12. I was able to play music CDs
    "M> using the stock "grip", but ripping would fail with the "unable to open
    "M> CDROM"
    "M> error. Research turned up info on using SCSI devices, but nothing regarding
    "M> pcd0 or pg0 as a device.

    Most of the Linux utilities relating to CD-R/RWs (such as cdrtools) and
    I guess ripping are for SCSI devices. This includes psuedo-SCSI (such
    as ide-scsi). USB and Firewire mass storage devices also show up as
    psuedo-SCSI devices. I would presume you would need to use some sort of
    ???-scsi module to make your parallel port CDRW look like a SCSI CDRW,
    somehow. I've only ever messed with real-live SCSI CD-R/RWs, so I
    don't have any first hand knowledge of this. I believe that the
    "backpack" devices are actually a form of ide-over-parallel-port, so it
    *might* be possible to use the ide-scsi module to make your backpack
    CD-RW look like a SCSI CD-RW, which might make your cdrtools happy.

    "M> I tried to install the latest cdrtools at
    "M> but unfortunately their special (recommened) version of mkisofs requires
    "M> glibc 2.2.3 and I only have 2.2.2, and do not want to open that can of
    "M> worms,
    "M> unless I know for sure the end goal is possible.
    "M> Any and all information, is welcome, and Thanks,
    "M> John (I hope it's possible!)
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