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From: Nate Jenkins (
Date: Thu Oct 23 2003 - 12:29:48 EDT

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    DS> I wouldn't give up *all* hope, but it's certainly not as
    DS> straightforward as you thought. I know, for example, that Windows has
    DS> (had?) the capability of forming a "network" between 2 PC's connected
    DS> via the parallel port, but I don't remember if that required a special
    DS> cable or not (I *do* remember that the connection is/was fairly slow
    DS> compared with a network connection!). Also I seem to remember a lot
    DS> of discussion (on this list?) about doing PPP links via the parallel
    DS> port in Linux. Can anyone shed any light on those activities?

    Yes Microsoft Windows calls it a DCC connection with a DCC cable. This is
    the same as the LapLink cable as I understand it. There is a company that
    has a product called a "DirectParallelŽ Universal FAST Connection Cable" @ ... This cable is supposed to go pretty fast. IIRC,
    there is some extra circuitry in the cable that got it up to fast speeds.
    However, they will not acknowledge that Linux exists in the computing world.
    No support whatsoever for Linux. I think they are forbidden from doing so
    another company that provides them with enough incentive to stay thinking
    that way. ;-) Therefore, those are two Microsoft Windows ONLY ways.

    You could look into running PLIP between Linux and Windows. I have seen
    some folks say it could be done. For me it was easier to implement my own
    simple way of sending a nibble at a time on the LapLink / DCC cable.


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