[PARPORT] Printing unreliable using ECP/EPP

From: Neil Munro (neil.munro@catalyse.net)
Date: Thu Dec 11 2003 - 08:58:45 EST

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    Hardware: Asus P4S533 Mainboard + Epson Stylus Colour 480
    Software: Red Hat 9 using CUPS set up using Red Hat printer configuration.

    When I select ECP or EPP mode in the BIOS, it works but after perhaps 10-20%
    of a page of graphics (black or colour), it does an eject page and starts
    printing the remainder on another page, repeating this every 10-20%. It
    seems OK with plain text, but this may just be because there is less data,
    so statistically less chance. The error is repeatable, I never get a full
    page printed.

    Switching the Parallel Port to Standard mode in the BIOS fixes this, so I
    don't think it is a problem with the printer driver.

    As a secondary question, is there any setting to place parport on a lower
    priority so it doesn't tie up the PC so much while it is printing? I'm not
    bothered if it prints slowly, just reliably and without making the PC
    un-useable during printing. If I could do this, I could live with using
    Standard mode!



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