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>At a recent "toy show" I saw an HP CDwriter with a parallel
>interface. A quick look at the HP website shows information about the
>6020ep, a 2x-writer, 6x-reader, with 1M buffer (3sec @ 2x). The
>datasheet suggests it has a "parallel to SCSI convertor[sic] cable".
>Anyone tried (or better yet, succeeded :-) in using this with linux?
>It claims that the 6020ep needs a 486/66 (vs. 486/33 for the SCSI

We bought a 6020ep here in July, it broke after writing 2 CD-ROMS. HP
thought that it was the cable (with built in "pod") that had broken and
they would send a replacement. After 3 months of calls to HP they
finally admitted that they didn't have any more cables. They even said
that they had nicked cables off other machines at their offices to ship
out to other people with the same problem. However a few weeks ago they
replaced it FOC with a 7100e, which is the same but it also does
rewriteable CD-ROMS. It also has all of the electrical gubbins built in
and just uses a plain parallel cable.
So on my own experience I wouldn't recommend a 6020ep. Then again, we
did get a 7100e out of it (eventually).

In reply to the question you asked, I haven't tried either of them with
Linux, sorry.


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