Re: [PARPORT] HP parallel cd *writer*?

Grant R. Guenther (
Mon, 1 Dec 1997 10:56:39 -0500 (EST)

Mark Eichin wrote:

> >At a recent "toy show" I saw an HP CDwriter with a parallel
> >interface. A quick look at the HP website shows information about the
> >6020ep, a 2x-writer, 6x-reader, with 1M buffer (3sec @ 2x). The
> >datasheet suggests it has a "parallel to SCSI convertor[sic] cable".
> >Anyone tried (or better yet, succeeded :-) in using this with linux?

This has come up before. If I recall correctly, the 6020ep uses the
"Shuttle Connection" EPST adapter. I have an alpha driver for the EPST,
but I wouldn't want to trust it (my driver) with a CDrom burner :-(

Jon Evans followed up with some comments about the 6020 and then ...
> However a few weeks ago they
> replaced it FOC with a 7100e, which is the same but it also does
> rewriteable CD-ROMS. It also has all of the electrical gubbins built in
> and just uses a plain parallel cable.

I've heard that the 7100 is actually an *ATAPI* device with a Shuttle
EPAT adapter. Jon, can you confirm this ? I'm not familiar enough with
CD burners to be sure, but if it looks like an ATAPI disk, then the
driver that I'm just finishing will possibly support it. This new
driver will handle ATAPI disk, using any of the common parallel port IDE
adapters. It currently works with MicroSolutions' PD/CD drives and
Imation's "Superdisk" LS-120. The Superdisk is actually a Panasonic
LS-120 with a Shuttle EPAT adapter.

Stay tuned ...

Grant R. Guenther

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