[PARPORT] ep module error

Shaleh (shaleh@livenet.net)
Wed, 03 Dec 1997 18:55:46 -0500

I d/l some stuff on to my shark drive in Windows and brought it home. I
insmod'ed ep.o, mount -t vfat /dev/shark /shark and the ncd'ed to
/shark. I thrn did a df. It shows 35% free (120 mb or so). I then tar
zxvf tarfile.gz. It is a 35 mb file. Should be plenty of room. Begins
the process and then:

do_eo_write_drq status 0x479 (ERR DRQ SEEK WRERR READY ABRT)
and also
ep: Interrupt timeout.

The status number changes from 479->79->471 as it dumps this. My
machine then quites responding. I can type but it does not respond. I
had to power it off/on. Any suggestions. ep.c says EP_VERSION =

Has an aside, this was dumped to my output cons and xconsole but not to
any logs.

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