[PARPORT] slackware bootdisk (bpcd.i)

Thomas Good (tomg@nrnet.org)
Wed, 3 Dec 1997 15:39:32 -0500 (EST)

Grant -

Awhile ago I messaged Pat Volkerding about your bpcd drivers.
And...he built a bootdisk for me for slack3.3 (Linux 2.0.30).
This boot image had support for the backpack patched in...although
Pat said that the bpcd driver was looking to be loaded as a module
and this may create some problems.

I've tried the bootdisk on several boxes with the same result:
after running mknod/chown/chmod I still cannot access the device.

2 complaints occur:

/dev/bpcd: No such device
mount: /dev/bpcd is not a block device

So, I install the base Slack_Linux system and then try to jump start
the kernel by running mknod et al. At this point mount complains
that the kernel does not recognize /dev/bpcd, try insmod...

And so I cp over bpcd.o and run rmmod/insmod and can access the drive.

It would seem we are missing a part of the recipe. I know your bootdisks
work (I have the redhat version and I've installed via /dosutils/autoboot
off a redhat cd...)

Any thoughts on what may have gone amiss? For those of us who are
incurable slackers it would be nice to be able to install off of a
backpack! (Currently, I do this but by using pkgtool ex post facto...)


This boot image is available at:

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