[PARPORT] Slackware Bootdisk

Jeremy Mann (jrmann@iglobal.net)
Wed, 3 Dec 1997 21:13:51 -0600

Here's the situation. I have an acer laptop I'm trying to install Linux
to. I am using Slackware3.4. I need a bootdisk I can put in it that loads
the kernel to load the zipdrive. However, ever since Slackware 3.0 I
haven't been able to get the kernel to recognize my zipdrive. This is not
the only machine this has occurred on, I have two other machines that can
use Linux, and both have the same problem, even after I reset the printer
port to SPP, EPP, normal, etc etc. I got your updated 1.40 ppa.c driver,
compiled it, and it still won't initialize the zipdrive, with the same
error, 0x378. The output of id_probe(used on the laptop machine, AcerNote
750c, 486SX33) is as follows:

jrmann:~/ppa_1_40/common# id_probe
Probing port 03bc
        SPP port present
        EPP not supported at this address
Probing port 0278
Probing port 0378

Hopefully this is enough info.


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