Re: [PARPORT] HP parallel cd *writer*?

Bill Davidsen (
Wed, 3 Dec 1997 23:10:05 EST

> At a recent "toy show" I saw an HP CDwriter with a parallel
> interface. A quick look at the HP website shows information about the
> 6020ep, a 2x-writer, 6x-reader, with 1M buffer (3sec @ 2x). The
> datasheet suggests it has a "parallel to SCSI convertor[sic] cable".
> Anyone tried (or better yet, succeeded :-) in using this with linux?
> It claims that the 6020ep needs a 486/66 (vs. 486/33 for the SCSI
> versions.)

I can tell you the 6020 SCSI is a sweet unit, and works the nuts with
Linux! I paid about $425 for my unit, and instead of a cheap SCSI
controller it came with a AHA2940 PCI, which is sort of $175-200 by

Sure would be nice to have a parallel version, but it might bog the
system if you went with a 2x write unless you had a really good parallel

	Bill Davidsen (

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