[PARPORT] Avatar Shark and missing superblocks under RedHat...

Kevin Fisher (kfisher@rim.net)
Thu, 04 Dec 1997 13:56:45 -0500

Hi all, I recently purchased a Shark 250 drive and I've been very happy
with it until today...I have a disk formatted for the ext2 filesystem
and I've been using it to back up some of my linux stuff.

Today when I tried to mount it, I got the 'bad superblock' message.
I had to fsck -b .... the disk to recover the contents. ARGH!!

Does anyone know what would cause such a thing to happen? I always
unmount the disk before removing it from the Shark drive... I'm using
the ep.c module from torque.net.

There is an unfortunate aside to all this...when I bought my shark drive
I bought to extra disks with it at Future Shop...the dingbat at the
cash register promptly ran my brand-new disks through the demagnitizer
at the counter. And of course, these were the last disks they had in stock,
so I decided to try them and see if they were bad (I formatted and checked
them, of course). One disk, VFAT formatted, hasn't had any troubles.
The second disk is my ext2-formatted disk used under linux.

(Needless to say I won't be shopping at Futile Shop ever again...)


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