Re: [PARPORT] Question

Bill Davidsen (
Mon, 8 Dec 1997 15:51:36 EST

Jeremy Mann <> wrote:

> Now that I have 1.40 of ppa, how in gods name do I use it to make a linux
> boot disk??????

I make all my backup, install, recovery, etc disk using "yard" and
generate a boot/root pair. It requires a kernel which supports initial
ramdisk, no problem for me.

Suggestion: I create a very bare kernel and load stuff as modules. I
have three net cards including TokenRing, two SCSI controllers, ppa (of
course), various SCSI stuff, and it all fits on a pair of 1680 boot

I run Slackware 3.[1-4] with hacks, but this will run on RadHat and
Debbian as well, and I would expect any other flavor. Relatively short
learning curve.

bill davidsen <>

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