Re: [PARPORT] Avatar Shark and missing superblocks under RedHat...

Bill Davidsen (
Tue, 9 Dec 1997 15:25:54 EST

Kevin Fisher <> wrote:

> There is an unfortunate aside to all this...when I bought my shark drive
> I bought to extra disks with it at Future Shop...the dingbat at the
> cash register promptly ran my brand-new disks through the demagnitizer
> at the counter. And of course, these were the last disks they had in stock,
> so I decided to try them and see if they were bad (I formatted and checked
> them, of course). One disk, VFAT formatted, hasn't had any troubles.
> The second disk is my ext2-formatted disk used under linux.

You did mke2fs with the bad block check, right? That should give you a
disk as clean as removable media can be.

bill davidsen <>

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