[PARPORT] ppa patch for 2.0.x has been sent to Linus.

David Campbell (campbell@gear.torque.net)
Thu, 11 Dec 1997 16:34:42 +0000

To all,

I have just emailed a patch to Linus to bring the ppa driver in 2.0.x up
to date. Hopefully it will show up in the main distribution in a couple of
weeks time (although this may be delayed due to the festive season).

David Campbell
campbell@torque.net (Parallel port device related mail)
dcampbel@p01.as17.honeywell.com.au (For all other mail)

Just when you thought you have seen every possible
parallel port chipset there is, some manufacturer comes
out with a new quirk. Just to make things worse, every
mainboard manufacturer on the planet decides to use it.

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