Re: [PARPORT] SparQ as portable linux system?

Adrian Phillips (
20 Dec 1997 13:00:11 +0100

>>>>> "David" == Robinson David Paul <> writes:

David> Has anyone used a SparQ with Linux?

David> Could I boot from a floppy or a dos command to the SparQ
David> and use this as a portable Linux system that I could boot
David> from several different systems?

David> Just how slow do these parallel port drives feel?

David> thanks

This appeared earlier on the list which you may have seen :

From: David Puryear <>
Thanks for the help. Yes, sparq works just fine with paride-0.94.:)
As to module-kernel mismatch, that was fixed by adding -I/usr/src/linux/include
in the Makefile.

        Thanks again,

As far as data rates go - I have a Ezflyer and have just tested paride
- I got about 220KBytes/s on a 70MB test. Whether this is average or
above or below, I dont' know, also if the SparQ is faster, although I
think the port is the bottle neck here rather than the drive.


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