Re: [PARPORT] Optimising parport access

Philip Blundell (
Wed, 31 Dec 1997 13:22:49 +0000

>1. I've tried the parport suite last night with a HP7100e and it worked =
>fine. I saw many patches coming out and didn't have the time to keep =
>track of them all. After you issue these patches do you also update the =
>total source of the suite?

The deal is that I post patches here at about the same time as I check them
into the master source archive on Then, every so often, I
make a patch between whatever the latest kernel release from Linus is and the
newest parport code. If these patches are small enough I post them here (and
to linux-kernel) and if they're too big for that I put them on my web site.

Unless you're particularly keen to follow the latest and greatest developments
you don't need to apply every patch that gets posted here (especially as many
of them later turn out to have bugs).

>2. Who would work on the access to CD-RW? What about the extend command =
>set from HP? The last part of this question set is: what about the UDF =
>file system?

I imagine Grant will be working on CD-RW support if anybody is. However,
there may well not be any parallel-port-specific code needed, so you might
need to talk to the linux-scsi people. I've no idea about UDF.


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