[PARPORT] ECP data *acquiring*

Peter Schneider (pschneider@sofha.de)
Fri, 2 Jan 1998 20:42:54 +0100


I'm writing my thesis about plugging a Linux PC between a RIP (i.e. a
plotter controller, like from EFI) and a plotter. The RIP normally talks
directly to the plotter, sending low-level raster data via a "Centronics"
interface. My Linux box intercepts the data and can then spool or modify
them and forward them to the plotter. This works already, albeit somewhat
slow. I receive the RIP data with a simple "home grown" ISA PCB and driver
using SPP mode. The new RIP generation mow supports ECP mode to send the
data to the "plotter" (which in fact is my Linux box).
   I understand that you developpers are merely concerned with integrating
devices like external ZIP drives. But probably someone also has experience
in receiving data at a high speed ECP connection? Any idea about specific
vendors of PCBs and existing drivers for Linux? Any hint would be appreciated.

Thanx, Peter
Peter Schneider, System Support, SOFHA GmbH http://www.sofha.de
SOFHA: Gustav-Meyer-Allee 25, D-13353 Berlin +49 30 46 30 7-695
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