[PARPORT] Re: New Regime

Philip Blundell (Philip.Blundell@pobox.com)
Sat, 03 Jan 1998 19:21:23 +0000

>I made a minimal set of changes to allow the code to works _fine_. These
>are all against your latest version of parport code (that you sent me of

OK, these are all in. I fixed your spelling of `yield' too. :)

>5. I optimized a bit (probably not needed) the timeslip suggesting to be
> a register variable.

There's no need. GCC is smart enough to put variables in registers where it's
worth doing.

>Phil, I' d like to see my name in parport_share.c at least as bug fixer
>guy :).

Done. As soon as I can reach Vger again I'll make a new patch against 2.1.77.

BTW, Eddie mentioned that he'd like to get rid of the LP_WAIT stuff in lp.c.
I can see his point. Would somebody like to look into providing a delay
function with better than microsecond resolution? Apparently we want a delay
of about 0.5us there by default but it would be nice if it was user-tuneable.

At the moment we have udelay(1) in there for SPARC but I think that's too
much. I did some quick sums and it looks like that delay would reduce a
200KB/s transfer rate to 145KB/s (and 500KB/s would be reduced to 252KB/s),
which may well upset people.


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