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Sun, 11 Jan 1998 10:02:20 -0500 (EST)

Responding to Alex Bartonek's question, Jay Jacobson wrote:

> Two things come to mind -- first the proper command should be 'insmod ez'
> -- not 'insmod ez.o'.

Actually, there are (were ?) some subtle differences between the search
strategies for ez and ez.o, but in the end both work just fine.

> Secondly (I had a similar problem), if your kernel
> is configured to load the lp (printer) module (or if lp is compiled
> directly into the kernel) you need to turn it off. If it is a module, just
> type 'rmmod lp'. If it is compiled in, add 'lp=0' to your append
> statements in /etc/lilo.conf. If you do not have any existing append
> statements, add the line 'append="lp=0"' to /etc/lilo.conf.

These are valid comments. It's important, however, to include the relevant
messsages from the kernel log file when making a report like this/

Use dmesg to capture the latest kernel log messages.
Grant R. Guenther

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