Grant R. Guenther (
Sun, 11 Jan 1998 16:28:11 -0500 (EST)

> >is configured to load the lp (printer) module (or if lp is compiled
> >directly into the kernel) you need to turn it off. If it is a module, just
> >type 'rmmod lp'. If it is compiled in, add 'lp=0' to your append
> >statements in /etc/lilo.conf. If you do not have any existing append
> >statements, add the line 'append="lp=0"' to /etc/lilo.conf.
> Tried all of this, and no go. If i do a rmmod lp, it says it cant find the
> file or directory. (so I guess lp doesnt exist)

No, it is built in to your kernel. Read the rest of what Jay wrote, or
simply boot your kernel adding "lp=0" to the end of the command. If you
do modify lilo.conf, remember to run lilo again.

Grant R. Guenther

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