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I agree with you 100% ... I was being a bit of a trouble maker with the
wisecrack. I just get a kick out of the religious fervor we sometimes
attach to our hardware and software choices. The arguments are mostly very
silly and pointless. Honestly, I don't care if it's a RadioShack TRS-80
with cassette tape backup if it gets the job done. What matters is whether
these silly machines are doing our human bidding and making us more
productive in work or happy in play. So, my apologies for the wisecrack.

I have also used Zip drives on other setups with great success -- never had
a problem with them. I should know better than to provoke ill feelings
with poorly-worded or vague wisecracks. The <emotive descriptor> syntax
doesn't always translate real well. My foul, but no harm intended.

CC'd to the list so that I don't have to apologize to 100 others whom I
might have offended. I'll be more circumspect in the future and prevent
this variety of off-topic post. It won't happen again.


Michael Silverton

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On Wed, 21 Jan 1998, Michael Silverton wrote:

> My apologies, I just assumed that everyone on the planet knows the
> line ... pretty stupid of me since many get sucked into the Iomega Zip
> dirve <instigating smirk>.

     Having just read your post to the mailing list, I wouldn't
consider everyone who has bought a Zip Drive to have been sucked in.
It all depends on your reason for purchasing it. I will admit there
probably isn't much hope of the Zip Drive being expanded on, but as a
person who bought one simply to use on my two computers at home as a
place to store downloaded zip'd files and backing up semi-important
data files from time to time, I don't think I was sucked in at all.
Like I said, it is all in your reason for purchaseing the drive.


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