[PARPORT] Re: Your lan probs.

Michael Silverton (silverton@edcom.org)
Wed, 21 Jan 1998 08:32:10 -0800

At 01:47 AM 1/21/98 -0500, Jeremy wrote:
> I just finished setting up wingate for my lan at home. I had no probs
>with it and I was able to use linux with it. Of course linux was on
>another machine. But I am not sure ehat your problem it. I have not had
>any experience with the ez135 (parallel port external?) I am just getting
>ready to buy a Syjet though. If you could narrow down the question I may
>be able to help provided I have tried this myself.

No LAN probs yet, this is preliminary ground work, for now. Hopefully it
will prevent problems. ;-)

Yes, as the ASCII drawing I sent illustrated, Linux will go on an EZ135
parport cartridge which is attached to a P90 notebook with Xircom CE2 10bT
ethernet adapter. Attached to that is a 3Com ethernet card in a 166MMX box
running NT Workstation with Wingate. The MMX box is connected to an
external Motorola 56k modem.

My apologies, I just assumed that everyone on the planet knows the SyQuest
line ... pretty stupid of me since many get sucked into the Iomega Zip
dirve <instigating smirk>.

The EZDrive135 is an earlier version of the SyJet, it uses dinky little
135MB cartridges and is, of course, on a parallel port -- that's why I
joined the linux-parport list. I too have been running Wingate on the NT
box and laptop for several months with little problem (tip -- except that
Wingate conflicts with NetCache <www.netapp.com> if you try to run that).
On an aside, NetCache is a *really* cool product that any intra/extranet
admin should really check out.

Preliminaries aside, I am in the process of figuring how to navigate/hack
the Linux install process so that I can install Linux on a clean EZ135
cartridge without disturbing hda1. Research has revealed thus far that
this type of install will permit me to boot from floppy, then choose the
EZ135 to run Linux. Precisely how to accomplish this is Question #1.

Question #2 is, will I be able to use the parport Linux install on my
laptop to talk to my local psuedo-server -- an NT Workstation box with
Wingate on it -- so that I can still share the modem?

Thanks again for your time and willingness to share your expertise.


Michael Silverton


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